Things to do in Helston

The Best Things to do in Helston, Cornwall

The town of Helston is somewhat off the beaten track for those heading to Cornwall and it’s retained a lot of its charm probably because of this.  There are beaches just 3 miles from  Helston, Marazion and Mount St Michael are 10 miles away, and even the port town of Falmouth is 12 miles away.  You might as well be a whole day away though, this sleepy little Cornish town has an allure of its own and we love it.  So whether you want to explore the beach, help protect the wildlife of Cornwall, explore the du Maurier connection or simply chill out, Helston is a great laid-back place to head to.  Here are the best things to do in Helston, Cornwall.


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The Best Things to do in Helston, Cornwall

The centre of Helston has a lovely boating lake where you can rent a boat or relax and have a cup of coffee at the park café. There are several ancient buildings in the town, and you can also browse (and hopefully buy from) a variety of mainly independent shops on the main street. Helston’s most well-known event is the annual Flora Day festival, which honours the end of winter and encourages participants in the old “Furry Dance” to visit in May.  But there’s more than this to see in Helston, you’ll find history, culture and technology too.  Come and discover more of what Helston has to offer.

Museum of Cornish Life (Helston Museum)

With one of the greatest collections of social history in the nation, the Museum of Cornish Life is without a doubt among the top things to do in Helston. This Helston museum is set in the town’s historic Market Buildings.  The modest entrance to the Museum of Cornish Life in Helston belies the hundreds of fascinating artefacts that explore the social component of Cornwall’s remarkable history.  In this FREE Cornish Life museum in Helston, you’ll find the history of the industries in Cornwall, kid’s toys over the decades and centuries, displays of old Cornish stores, and some amazing historical models. The museum is a perfect rainy day activity in Cornwall, and here’s more inspiration for things to do when it rains.

  • Address of Helston Museum: Helston Museum, Market Place, Helston, Cornwall TR13 8TH, United Kingdom
  • Cost to enter Helston Museum: Free! (Donations are welcome)
  • Opening hours of Helston Museum: Helston Museum is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Take the Helston Heritage Trail

Helston is one of Cornwall’s oldest towns, and there are obvious traces of the past everywhere. Actually, Helston is Cornwall’s second oldest town (after Truro, which is the oldest in Cornwall and the only chartered city, there’s more on Truro here.) Exploring the town using the Helston Heritage Trail, means that you can discover more about the town’s intriguing history. Given that it is one of Cornwall’s oldest, the town is full of fascinating stories. Taking the Heritage Trail in Helston will, at a leisurely pace, take you about an hour and belies the fact that Helston has a lengthy history.  Helston was mentioned in the Domesday Book, but you’ll also learn about Helston’s patron saint’s battles with Satan on this trail too!   Many of the town’s oddities may be found by following the historical trail. The Heritage Trail leads you through old neighbourhoods and trails that you wouldn’t otherwise discover while telling you about Helston’s history and legends. During the summer, you can buy a Heritage Trail booklet at either The Guildhall, which is where the trail starts or at the Museum of Cornish Life.  You can also download more information about the Helston Heritage Trail here.

  • Address of Helston Heritage Trail: Helston, Cornwall TR13 8TH, United Kingdom
  • Cost to enter Helston Heritage Trail: Free! (Donations are welcome)
  • Opening hours of Helston Heritage Trail: Trails are completed at your own pace and at your own time.

Take the Helston Railway

Come and ride the UK’s most southerly railway, with Steam train rides, good food and great days out.  The Helston Railway was founded in 1879, closed in 1960, but a section of the line was restored starting in 2005.  And today the Helston Railway, which is run by volunteers, runs trains on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays until Halloween.

There are five trains that run on each of these days.  You can find the full timetables for the Helston Railway here.  Car parking is free and the Cornish Carriages buffet and restaurant cars are open on the days that the trains run, for breakfast lunch and tea.  You’ll want to prebook for Sunday lunch as it’s very popular.  There’s no need to prebook train tickets, just arrive 15 minutes before to buy your ticket and board.

  • Address of Helston Railway: Trevarno Farm, Prospidnick, Helston, Cornwall
  • TR13 0RYCost to ride the Helston Railway: Adults £9.50, children £6.50 family tickets £25.
  • Opening hours of Helston Railway: Trails are completed at your own pace and at your own time.

Visit some of Helston’s Pubs

The Domesday Book of 1086 references the town of Helston and associated it with brewing and by 1728 this small town had 28 pubs most selling their own beers and ales.  As the 19th century saw a boom in the tin mining industries of the area, this area became particularly prosperous and the population rose dramatically, -from 2250 in 1801 to 2500 in 1841.  It was thirsty work and brewing became one of the main trades in the town.  (Check out our guide to Cornish food and drink here)

There are only 9 pubs left in Helston but many of them at within the historic conservation area of town, all are Grade II listed and some are even haunted!  Here are the Helston pubs you should visit.

The Bell – The Bell in Helston be traced back to 1777. The site would have been a Posting House that provided horse-drawn carriages and horses for rent. It would have worked with other houses to provide routes to nearby towns, destinations on the Lizard, and down into Penzance. Horses were actually led through the pub and from the stables at the back.  Helston’s Bell Pub is on Meneage Street and you can find it on our map of things to do in Helston.

The Rodney Inn – The Rodney Inn is named after Lord Rodney, a renowned naval hero of the time, and it has been around since at least 1762. The Rodney was a Post House, much like the Bell Inn, with horses being led through the establishment to and from stabling at the back.  Helston’s Rodney Inn is also on Meneage Street in Helston.

The Red Lion – The Red Lion is the first of our haunted pubs in Helston.  Although the main facade of the Red Lion was rebuilt in the middle to late 19th century, the building was most likely erected in the late 17th century. The 11th of January, the date of the landlord’s son’s death in 1889 and the landlord’s own death on the same day two years later, may be connected to a “white lady” who has sometimes been seen floating past the bar.  You’ll find Helston’s Red Lion on Church Street in Helston.

The Beehive – The Beehive, another of Helston’s haunted pubs, was eventually classified as a tavern and store with lodging after possibly beginning as a wine and spirits merchant in the early 1800s. The existing bay windows were added to the building’s front around 1900. Although it is a fairly small structure, it has three stories and rear wings. The building’s eerie reputation is heightened by reports of paranormal activity and a chamber known as the “hanging room,” where criminals were said to have been hanged.  Helston’s Beehive Pub is on Coinagehall Street, Helston.

The Angel Hotel – The Godolphin family built the Angel Hotel as a townhouse in about 1540 to transact business for their neighbouring tin mines. The building served as an inn, bar, post office, coaching inn, prison, and customs house starting in 1690. It is one of the oldest buildings in Helston that is still standing. In the floor of the bar is a 40-foot-deep well that provides fresh water.  And yes, this is another haunted Helston pub, with Nellie, reportedly having hung herself in the ballroom.  In more recent history an employee of the Angel, after drinking heavily and arguing took an automatic pistol on 24th April 1975 and fired 8 or 9 shots, one of which hit the landlord, who then died on the way to hospital.  Two other people in the bar were wounded.  You can find Helston’s Angel pub on Coinagehall Street in Helston.

The Blue Anchor – There are only two thatched roofs in Helston, and one of them is a pub called The Blue Anchor. The structure’s antiquity is unknown; however, it may have been a monk’s rest home when it was first constructed in 1400. The appointment of a landlord didn’t occur until 1778. The Blue Anchor’s in-house brewery is still in use today and continues to produce the renowned Spingo ales.  Ghostly goings-ons have been reported at the Blue Anchor too, with a man seen to walk across a room and through a closed door.  Bells ringing and footsteps have also been heard when there’s no one around.  You’ll find Helston’s Blue Anchor Pub on Coinagehall Street in Helston.

The Coinage Hall – Early 1800s town dwellings were converted into the current, enormous Grade 11 listed Coinage Hall building. Before being transformed into a china store in 1900, the homes were inhabited by several Helston merchants. The structure served as a furniture store for 80 years starting in 1935. The Coinage Hall, which stood in the centre of the street from the late 1500s until 1810, was the inspiration for its renovation by Wetherspoons in 2015.  The Coinage Hall is, as you’d guessed, on Coinagehall Street in Helston.

Visit Flambard’s Theme Park

Flambards is Cornwall’s top theme park and it’s a fantastic place for families to go on a day out in Cornwall since it has a variety of indoor activities, (perfect for rainy day activities in Cornwall!) family entertainment, and exciting rides. Some of the exciting rides are the Colorado River log flume, SkyRaker, and the Hornet Rollercoaster. The teacup and carousel rides provide a more classic experience. There are also several indoor play activities, including well-known underground paintings that feature scenes from “Britain in the Blitz” and a Victorian town.

  • Flambards Theme Park Opening Time/Tour Time: Flambards opens at 10 am On Ride and Attraction Days, the final admission is at 3 pm Attractions and rides are closed 30 minutes before Flambards closes at 5 pm (rides close at 4:30 pm). Indoor Attraction Only Days – the final admission is at 3 pm, and the attractions shut at 4 pm (Attractions shut at 3 pm on Fridays.)
  • Address of Flambards Theme Park: Clodgey Ln, Helston TR13 0QA, United Kingdom
  • Entrance Fee for Flambards Theme Park (Rides & Attractions Open): Single Standard Admission Price (online price) – Adult £19.95 (£17.96), Child £14.95 (£13.46)
  • Website for Flambards Theme Park:

Visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek from Helston

Young grey seals from the Cornish coast are rescued and cared for by a charity group called The Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Each year, they rehab more than 70 pups who need to be rescued for various reasons. These seals are here because they are unable to survive in the wild, although many are rehabilitated.  This is an amazing place to visit.  Since its initial opening, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has since expanded to look after and rehab otters, penguins, lambs, horses, goats, and even beavers in addition to seals from the South and California. The cost of admission is £16.50 for adults and £13,50 for kids, with free parking available on-site. Since your entry fee is valid for a whole year, you are welcome to return as frequently as you choose. The day tour will be fun for all ages!

  • Address of Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek: The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, Cornwall, TR12 6UG.
  • Cost to enter Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek: £16.50 for adults, £13.50 for children.  Family tickets are available.
  • Opening hours of Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek: 10 am until 5 pm, last admission 3.30 pm

Visit Coronation Park in Helston

Coronation Park in Helston is a great family destination in the centre of Helston.  There’s a newly remodelled Lakeside Café, that focuses on local providers like Dales Butchers of Helston, and Roskillys Cornish ice cream, to give you an authentic experience of Cornwall.  You’ll find lots of community activities here in Coronation Park too – from the model boat weekends, to the family theatre to the monthly Helston Farmer’s market.  There are pedalo boats and rowing boats for rent on the lake during the summer months too.  The River Cober flows through the park and Coronation Park also connects with the Penrose Estate, managed by the National Trust, and continues onto the Loe Pool (Cornwall’s largest freshwater lake).

  • Address of Coronation Park: Boating Lake, Porthleven Rd, Helston TR13 0RA, United Kingdom

Visit the Helston Farmers Market

Cornwall is arguably best known for its pasties or its delectably rich, thick-clotted cream when it comes to cuisine. But in our opinion, Cornish cuisine is much more than this, and events like the Monument Market and the Helston Farmers Market aim to showcase this rich harvest in our historic market town of Helston. You can get the greatest and freshest products in the region at Helston Farmers’ Market. With over 30 regional manufacturers of food and drink, the market, which opened in 2008, has developed into the largest Farmers’ Market in the area.  You’ll find other great Cornish farmer’s markets in Bude and St Ives to mention but two.

  • Address of Helston Farmers Market: Helston Farmers Market, Porthleven Road, TR13 0SR Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • Cost to enter Helston Farmers Market: Free!
  • Opening hours of Helston Farmers Market: Helston Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Watch the aircraft at the Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose

Now, this might just be a bit geeky, but you can’t come to Helston, or indeed the Lizard, and not come here.  It’s free and a little bit of fun too! The large Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose airfield is located just outside of Helston on the route leading to the Lizard Peninsula. One of only two naval aviation stations in the UK, Culdrose is also known as HMS Seahawk and is home to a significant portion of the Royal Navy’s air force. Runways, a control tower, hangars, a fire station, workshops, depots, classrooms, and several other structures where professional aviators, engineers, and flight deck staff learn and work are located inside the extensive surrounding gate. Most weekdays, planes take off from the base, so chances are that if you’re in Helston, you’ll see one of their spectacular military aircraft gliding above. East of the airfield is where the base’s public observation area is located.  There’s basically a car park (you can see it on our Helston map of things to do) and you can watch them taking off, landing and taxiing.

You’re likely to be able to see

  • Merlin Mk2 Anti-submarine helicopters
  • Hawk Jets
  • King Air Avengers

Check out the Helston Kennels

One of the most well-known features of Helston is the Kennel, or open water channels, which run down the sides of several of the streets of this ancient Cornish town.  The name “kennel” is a word that dates from the 1700s and it means, in the local dialect, “gutter” or “channel”, it probably came from the French word “canel”, which is pronounced kennel.

Where does the water come from and why are they there, though? Known as “Kennels,” it is said that they were formerly situated in the centre of the street and were used by the locals to remove trash from businesses and residences. Additionally, they provide “relatively” clean water for sweeping the pavement and road. They were probably little more than a dirt ditch in the roadway when they first appeared, but they have evolved through time into an intricate network of granite waterways.

Helston’s Kennels were mainly constructed in the 1800s to take water from further upstream in the River Cober.  Today, a sluice gate regulates the amount of water taken from the Cober.  Raising and lowering the gate adjusts the system’s water intake. A fail-safe device keeps the kennel system from overflowing in rare situations, like when an unexpected storm causes the River Cober to flood.

Visit the Loe Pool

Cornwall’s largest freshwater lake is thought to have once been an estuary, and the town of Helston was once a port.  The Loe Pool is now separated from the sea by a shingle bar, called the Loe Bar.  Loe is the Cornish word for pool, and you’ll find locals just call it the Loe.  Rather, than I suppose, the “pool pool”.

The Loe Bar changes constantly with the tides and storms and the Loe is inhabited by a diversity of species.   To protect wildlife swimming, boating, and fishing are prohibited here, although a pathway that encircles the whole lake is also available for walking. . Swimming and paddling on the sea side of the Loe Bar is also not recommended as the currents and tides here are strong and unforgiving.

Legend has it that the Loe is the lake in which Sir Bedevere threw Excalibur, King Arthur’s legendary sword and the Loe is mentioned in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King about King Arthur.  Tintagel Castle, one of our favourite Cornish Castles is also said to be King Arthur’s castle.  Further legends have it that you might see the sword appear if you look carefully, or, on New Year’s Eve, there’s a ghost ship that sails up the Loe.

Go Hiking on the Lizard from Helston

Many of Cornwall’s beaches are connected by the South West Coast Path, a long-distance hiking route that may be started anywhere. Therefore, you could walk from Porthleven to Mullion Cove or even beyond if you wanted to go hiking near Helston. You’ll eventually arrive at the well-known Kynance Cove and Lizard Point if you continue along the coastal walk. On the other side of the Lizard, you can head to spots like Cagdwith, Kennack Sands, Coverack, and Porthallow.

Visit the Poldark Mine and Rural Open Air Museum

One of Cornwall’s most significant historical sites is the Poldark Tin Mine. It has the oldest intact mine workings in Great Britain that are open to the public and is situated in the Wendron Valley, close to Helston. Fans of the Poldark TV series and Winston Graham’s novels, which are mentioned in our list of the top Cornish literature, would like this location. As you descend into the mine via a maze of caves and tunnels, Poldark Mine is one of the few mines where you can view the subterranean workings. The mines of Poldark date from the Middle Ages to the 1790s and still retain a lot of their original historical features. It’s not ideal for anyone with restricted mobility due to the many low areas, constrained passages, and multiple stairs. You also need to use the provided hard helmet and wear appropriate footwear. (No open-toed sandals or flip-flops.) Poldark episodes from both the 2015 and 1977 series were filmed here.

  • Poldark Mine Opening Time:  Please note the mine may be closed, please check their Facebook page for opening details.
  • Address of Poldark Mine: Poldark Mine, Trenear, Wendron, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0ES, United Kingdom
  • Entrance Fee for Poldark Mine: Adult £20.00, Child £12.00
  • Facebook Page for Poldark Mine:

Find your favourite beach near Helston

Cornwall is popular for many reasons, but one of them is its coastline, and West Cornwall has some of the county’s most beautiful beaches. Just 2.5 miles away is the charming beach resort of Porthleven, and you can get there by bus. There are several cafés, bars, and chip shops along the estuary and port of Porthleven, so you can refresh after a day at sea. Porthleven Beach and Loe Bar Beach offer ideal spots for surfing or swimming. Also worth seeing is the stunning Praa Sands (6 km). This lovely beach is known for its white sand made from seashells that have been broken down by being thrown about by the sea.  Our guide to the best West Cornwall beaches is here.

Visit Godolphin House and Garden

Godolphin House and Gardens is a historic estate with a medieval garden and an old mansion. It’s also a wildlife and archaeological haven. One of Europe’s most renowned historic gardens, the 16th-century garden is stunning.  You can also explore some of the relics from the Godolphin family mine, like the Leeds engine house and stack.  If you head up Godolphin Hill, located in the estate’s southwesterly portion, then you’ll get stunning views as far as St. Ives Bay to the north and the recognizable St. Michael’s Mount to the south are only two of Cornwall’s most beautiful views that can be seen.

  • Address of Godolphin Garden:  Godolphin Garden, Godolphin Cross, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 9RE
  • Opening times of Godolphin Garden: Godolphin Garden is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Cost to enter Godolphin Garden:
    • Adult: Gift Aid £11.00, Standard £10.00
    • Child: Gift Aid £5.50, Standard £5.00
    • Family: Gift Aid £27.50, Standard £25.00
    • 1 adult, 3 children: Gift Aid £16.50, Standard £15.00

Where to visit near Helston

Ready to explore some of the places to see near Helston?  Here are some recommendations of what to see if you’re staying locally and was to see more!

Visit St Michaels Mount from Helston

One of Cornwall’s main attractions is the island castle of St. Michael’s Mount. Here you can take a boat or cross the causeway at low tide to this stunning example of a Cornish Castle with more than a thousand years of history.  It’s one of the top Castles to see in Cornwall, and you can read more about it here.

Visit Falmouth from Helston

Although Falmouth is one of Cornwall’s largest towns it is still simple enough to discover this port town on foot. Falmouth is all about the sea and is located in a somewhat protected harbour on Cornwall’s south coast. A grassy promontory with a Tudor castle separates the charming old harbour and docks on one side of the town from the sandy beaches on the other.  There’s more on Falmouth in our guide here.

Visit Porthcurno from Helston

At the very bottom of Cornwall, there lies this incredible hidden treasure of a beach. Few beaches in the world can compare to it in terms of natural beauty; it has almost white sand, a turquoise sea, and a background of sheer granite cliffs that form an amphitheatre.  You can also explore the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, the Minack Theatre, and Porthcurno Beach.

Visit Truro from Helston

Since it is a small city, and Cornwall’s only city, fewer people live here than in the nearby city of Falmouth. Here you may enjoy fantastic water activities, sailing, and famous gardens. Additionally, the magnificent Truro Cathedral, the Royal Cornwall Museum, the Maritime Line Train, the well-known King Harry Ferry, and the St. Agnes Heritage Coast are nearby.  Our guide to Truro is here.

Visit St Ives from Helston

This North West Cornwall town has beautiful sandy beaches on all sides, cobblestone lanes that wind through them, and a mix of old-fashioned fishing shacks and modern art galleries and restaurants.  There’s more on St Ives in our guide here.

Visit the Lizard Lighthouse

The Lizard is Cornwall’s only lighthouse which you can climb to the top of. The lighthouse is now automatically controlled and provides a key role for ships traversing offshore waters. The Lizard Lighthouse has led ships safely home for nearly 260 years from its 19-meter tall tower that has a light range of 26 nautical miles.  There are even lighthouse cottages that you can stay in here too!  The site still houses several antique types of machinery, and the Engine Room exhibits contain some interesting hands-on activities. You should climb to the top of the lighthouse for amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, and also listen to the Lighthouse Keepers’ stories, send a message using Morse Code, and even blast the foghorn! Either self-guided tours are available or paid guided tours.  Visiting the lighthouse is one of the top things to do on the Lizard!

  • Address of Lizard Lighthouse: 3 Lighthouse Rd, Lizard, Helston TR12 7NT, United Kingdom
  • Cost to enter Lizard Lighthouse: Adults – £4.50, Child – £2.50
  • Opening hours of Lizard Lighthouse: Open from Sunday to Thursday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Open at weekends at certain times of the year – check opening times here.

Visit Porthleven Harbour

The UK’s most southerly functioning port, Porthleven, is situated close to the Lizard. It still has the atmosphere of a Cornish fishing community, although it is relatively big in contrast to other nearby communities. There are cafés, pubs, restaurants, and a small shingle beach nearby.  It’s a great leisurely day out from Helston.

Visit some of the gardens in the area

Cornwall’s moderate coastal atmosphere has resulted in some of the country’s most spectacular gardens.  Our guide to Cornish gardens is here, but here are the top gardens in the area to visit from Helston.

Trebah Garden – Learn about the beauty of this subtropical Cornish Garden, which is filled with tradition, creativity, and an innovative mentality. There are four miles of pathways that wind through dazzling exotic plantings. People of all ages may find the perfect hideaway at Trebah Gardens, which has its own private beach as well as several hidden spots.

  • Address of Trebah Gardens:  Trebah Garden, Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, United Kingdom, TR11 5JZ
  • Opening times of Trebah Gardens: Trebah Garden Garden is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm.
  • Cost to enter Trebah Gardens: Admission price starting March 1, 2022, to October 31, 2022
    • Adult: £13.00
    • Child (5-15yrs): £6.50
    • Child (under 5yrs): Free

Glendurgan Garden – Wander down the pleasant, intriguing, and fun valley to a hidden beachfront at the bottom. There are three valleys in Glendurgan to explore, and each one is overflowing with adventure, informality, stunning scenery, and amazing vegetation.

  • Address of Glendurgan Gardens: Glendurgan Gardens, Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, United Kingdom, TR11 5JZ
  • Opening times of Glendurgan Gardens: Glendurgan Gardens is open Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Cost to enter Glendurgan Gardens: Free entry for National Trust members.
  • Adult: Gift Aid £11.00, Standard £10.00
  • Child: Gift Aid £5.50, Standard £5.00
  • Family: Gift Aid £27.50, Standard £25.00

Visit the Eden Project

The Eden Project in Cornwall was originally a lifeless wasteland-a former clay mine with no soil or flora. They converted this massive crater into a series of gorgeous international gardens, providing the stage for a memorable day out. You’ll want to come back time and again, as no two visits are the same.  Explore the enormous, covered biomes to travel through the world’s largest indoor rainforest and indulge yourself in the Mediterranean Biome’s relaxing fragrance. Extensive outdoor gardens, contemporary artwork, theatre, and storytelling are provided. Discover locations to rest, play, dine, and take home creative ideas on how to care for the land that cares for you.

  • Address of The Eden Project:  Eden Project, Bodelva, Cornwall, United Kingdom, PL24 2SG
  • Opening times of The Eden Project: The Eden Project is open from 9:15 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Sunday.
  • Cost to enter The Eden Project: Tickets to the Eden Project are priced seasonally.
    • Adult: Off-peak £29.50, Standard £32.50, Peak £37.50
    • Student: Off-peak £24.50, Standard £27.50, Peak £32
    • Child (aged 5-16): Off-peak £10, Standard £11, Peak £12
    • Child (aged 0–4): FREE all year round

Map of things to do in Helston, Cornwall

Helston things to do map

You can also see this Helston things to do map here.

Special Events in Helston

The number one event in Helston and the most famous event to take place in Helston is Flora Day.

Helston’s Flora Day

Helston Flora Day, which takes place on May 8th each year, is certainly one of the liveliest occasions on the Cornish calendar and one of the most well-known things to do in Helston for an enjoyable family getaway. It’s a unique and vibrant way to welcome spring. The tradition is that the ladies dress in colourful summer dresses, the men wear white shirts and ties, and all the kids wear white. At seven in the morning, hundreds of people begin dancing through the flower-and plant-decorated homes and streets. Only people who have been invited by the Flora Day Association can take part in one of the four processional dances.  If you’re in Helston on Flora Day,  then you must watch the proceedings!

Where is Helston

Helston is located near the northern tip of the Lizard Peninsula, about 9 miles (14 km) southwest of Falmouth and 12 miles (19 km) east of Penzance. Helston is perhaps the most southerly town on the mainland and is roughly 1.5 miles (2.4 km) further south than Penzance.

How to Get to Helston

Public transportation is pretty difficult to use to get here; you definitely need a car. London and Helston are 450 kilometres apart by car. Driving from London to Helston takes around 5 hours.

Final Words on the Best Things to do in Helston

Helston might be a smaller town, that’s not particularly on the beaten track when it comes to tourist Cornwall, but it’s still got a lot of charm, and maybe because of that!  There’s a lot of history here, and some fabulous places to see around and about Helston.  So whether you want to come for a slower pace of life, to find a quieter beach, or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here,  there’s plenty to keep you occupied and we hope you’ll be back!

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