About Cornwall’s Best

At Cornwall’s Best we were born and bred in England, but have travelled the world 11 years now and written about most of the adventures we’ve had.  But now, after all those years, we decided that it’s time to spend a little time focusing on the extra special. And Cornwall’s Best lets us do that.

That’s why now, in 2022 we’re sharpening our focus and expanding our reach to give you quite simply the best of Cornwall.

Cornwall is so much more than simply a holiday location in one of the best spots in England. Cornwall’s Best is more than just a list of places to see in Cornwall, or things to do in Cornwall. We’ll share with you our favourite attractions, stunning places to stay and experiences that you simply MUST undertake while visiting Cornwall.

And for those days when you can’t get to visit Cornwall, we’ll explore how you can experience the best of Cornwall while you’re at home. There’s our favourite books, our favourite movies, documentaries you MUST watch.

So come with us, the team behind ASocialNomad, and dive right into the very best that Cornwall has to share with you.

P.S. And why all this black and white? It’s to showcase the flag of Cornwall!